Cafe will be open from 4pm on Monday 17th June

The New InspireAll fitness App is here!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new InspireAll App on Friday 1 March 2019.

The App will be FREE to download from App Store or Google Play store by searching ‘InspireAll’ and will change the way you workout… for the better.

You can use the App to:

  • Track your workouts
  • Book a class
  • Connect your fitness wearables
  • Compete in Challenges
  • Help you achieve your goals
  • View the swimming pool timetable
  • Earn rewards

So get ready to challenge and motivate yourself with the easy to use app.

App Store
Google Play


With a great range of activities, classes, and facilities, an InspireAll Leisure Centre makes the ideal place to work out, relax, or participate in group activities to improve your health and wellbeing.