Cafe will be open from 4pm on Monday 17th June

National Fitness Day

The COUNTDOWN IS ON! National Fitness Day is just weeks away and we have a range of activities for members and non-members to enjoy!
Get it in the diary and come on down to the centre on the 21st September.
*Special NFD Junior HIIT at 4.15pm in Studio 1
*Burpees HIIT challenge – come on we know YOU LOVE THEM!
*Stretch & Tone, longest plank hold – how long can you last? *Kids STEP UP challenge, can they keep going for a minute?
*Special Stages Flight class challenge, ‘who can travel the furthest miles in each of our three classes’ the winner will receive a FREE HOT DRINK!
*Kettlebell Swing Challenge, are you READY FOR THIS? Who can complete the reps the quickest?
*PLUS, who can skip the longest and how many Hola turns can you do in a minute?
*All challenge winners will receive a free hot drink voucher to be used in the cafe.


With a great range of activities, classes, and facilities, an InspireAll Leisure Centre makes the ideal place to work out, relax, or participate in group activities to improve your health and wellbeing.