Cafe will be open from 4pm on Monday 17th June

Immersive Cycling Studio

Do you know the benefits of indoor cycling classes with our Stages bikes?

  • Improving cardiovascular health and endurance by pedalling at different speeds and intensities
  • Shedding fat and toning muscles, especially in the legs
  • Being a low-impact exercise option that is gentle on the joints.
  • Enhancing blood pressure, lipid profile, and body composition
  • Reducing stress and releasing endorphins

Stages Cycle and Studio App benefits

  • Using data to motivate, track and reward.
  • add additional motivation in the class setting, members can work to their individualized level while in the group setting, seeing their work on group display or simply in their post-workout email.
  • Stages Studio App provides engaging full-featured group display with a personalized workout for each ride.
  • Each rider works to their individualized level, while enjoying the motivating group environment
  • Add color-coded interval workouts to the performance-style classes where members seek cycling improvement and thrive off data feedback.

Take part in an indoor cycling workout with an engaging full-featured group display providing a personalised workout for each rider.

Everyone works to their individual level, whilst enjoying a motivating group environment. The instructor creates a class plan that the group follows.

To benefit from the full immersive experience we recommend you download the Stages Studio app from the google or app store and set up an account using The Venue as the location code. Once the app is installed on your mobile device you can easily access via the InspireAll App.