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Development work starts at The Venue

The first phase of development work (end July – mid-September 2019) has begun. The investment programme will provide first-class health and fitness facilities for the community with the initial stage including a new immersive cycling studio, eGym, PoolviewPlus+ and refurbished changing facilities.


New Immersive Cycling Studio

A brand new group cycling studio introducing Stages Flight our new immersive, power-based group cycling studio. The new facility, will provide a unique workout experience with sound system, LED lighting and large screen display, providing a bespoke workout environment.

Stages Flight take users on an individual cycling journey, within a group environment enabling a full data and connected cycling experience in an immersed group studio setting.

To take part in a Stages Flight class you will initially need to register your details. Register at using club code oB607 as the location in settings, then you will need to come along to one of our set up sessions to complete your registration on the bike.

The new cycling facility will be located by the gym, replacing the existing gym changing facilities.

Between Monday 24th – Sunday 29th September we will be running only taster set up sessions for Stages Flight to allow you to complete your registration on the bikes and get used to the new equipment and studio. Book online today to secure your space.


We will be introducing a brand new eGym to The Venue.

eGym is a circuit, based around a small hub of easy-to-use, interactive fitness machines. The equipment is linked to powerful software which will give you a unique analysis, based on a range of factors including your age, strength and weight.

Using the eGym will enable you to:

  • Workout effectively for just 30 minutes twice a week with guaranteed results
  • Develop a suitable fitness plan based on your individual needs
  • Monitor your progress during the exercise routine
  • Reduce the negative effects of health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Rehabilitate after suffering an injury

The new eGym circuit will be located in the existing spin studio, opening mid-September.

Poolview Plus+

We are investing and installing new technology to the main pool this September.

Poolview Plus+ is a technologically advanced automatic drowning detection and prevention system. The system will detect swimmers in distress and raise an alarm which will alert the lifeguards who can visually assess the current and developing situation in seconds.

Lifeguards will have access to a monitor, from their chair which will display eight carefully positioned underwater cameras, providing 100% below water coverage. The lifeguards will continue to watch the pool as normal, plus check the monitors for developing incidents or unusual swimmer behaviour, therefore proactively lifeguarding the pool.

The system also supports the fully trained lifeguards with their responsibilities. Poolview Plus+ will ‘track’ each swimmer and continuously monitor their activity until such time as it detects a ‘possible drowning’ developing. At this point, the information is relayed to the lifeguard via the monitor for them to react if required.

Changing Facilities

The upstairs balcony changing facilities have been refurbished to include new lockers, vanity units and introducing shower cubicles.

Upstairs Fitness Studio

We will be decorating the upstairs studio and fitting a new floor.

Throughout the work we will aim to keep disruption to a minimum, facilities will be available, but there may be some closures for a short period of time.


What is included in this phase of the development work?

In the initial stage of the development work at The Venue there will be: A new immersive cycling studio, a new eGym, Refurbished upstairs balcony changing facilities.


When does the development work start?

Work will start on the 29th July with an expected finish date of mid-September.


Will there be a lot of disruption during the work?

Throughout the works, there will be an element of disruption, but this will be kept to a minimum with customers being able to have access to changing facilities and the existing cycling studio throughout the works. However some facilities will need to be limited or closed for short periods of time. The latest customer information will be displayed at reception and on the website.


Where will the new immersive cycling studio and eGym be located?

The brand new immersive cycling studio will be located next to the gym, replacing the current gym changing facilities. The brand new eGym circuit will be located in the existing spin studio. Both new facilities are expected to open middle of September.


Why isn’t the gym being updated/refurbished?

The initial stage of the development has been planned to improve the changing facilities and bring two fabulous new facilities to The Venue. The gym will be considered in future stages of the development.


What is happening to the balcony changing facilities?

The balcony changing facilities are being renovated, they will become the main changing facilities located upstairs. They will be closing on Monday 29th July, expected to re-open on Saturday 10th August. The refurbishment will include new lockers, vanity units and the introduction of shower cubicles.


Where can customers get changed while the balcony changing facilities are closed?

The gym changing facilities will be available for customers to use and change in during the closure.


What do I need to know about the new immersive cycling studio?

The new immersive cycling studio will be a new facility with 24 bikes. The new studio will be introducing Stages Flight to The Venue. Stages Flight is our new immersive power-based, group cycling studio that will provide a unique and individual workout experience with night club-style sound system, LED lighting and large screen display, providing a bespoke workout at an intensity tailored to the individual.


Will customers be able to try the new Stages Flight classes?

There will be a number of taster sessions for Stages Flight running from the 23rd – 29th September where customers can come along, set up their stages flight account and take part in a taster session. Book your space online today.


When will the existing spin studio be closed?

The existing spin studio will be closing on the 16th September, during this week normal cycling classes may be relocated and taster sessions will be planned in the new cycling studio.


Who can use the new immersive cycling studio?

Everyone will be able to use the new immersive cycling studio, either with a membership or pay as you go.


What is eGym?

eGym is based on a circuit of easy-to-use, interactive fitness machines that can help individuals to workout effectively with a fitness plan based on individual needs.


What equipment will be in the eGym?

The new eGym will have 8 stations including: Abdominal crunch, Back extension, Chest press, Seated Row, Lat pulldown, Rotary Torso, Leg curl, Leg extension.



We have some updates to the timescales of the project, due to some unexpected work some of the timescales have changed slightly. The current programme is as follows;

The upstairs balcony changing facilities are now open

The gym changing rooms are currently closed to allow the new immersive cycling studio to be created.

Closure of the fitness studio for decorating and new floor will take place between the 16th – 22nd September. We will be operating a slightly different timetable this week with classes taking place in a different location, please see our live timetable or reception for further details.

The existing cycle studio will be closing on Friday 20th September. There will be taster sessions available in the new immersive cycling studio from Monday 23rd September.

The first phase of the project is due to be completed by mid-September.

Further developments planned for The Venue in late 2019/early 2020 include refurbishment of wet side changing facilities and Health Suite.

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