My health and fitness journey

Vicky, our amazing member has documented her recent health and fitness journey with us.

“I was already a user of the Venue for swimming when I injured my back in July 2021. This led me to use the Massage Service from Martine who was excellent in helping me to manage the pain and suggesting exercises I could do to aid my recovery. This included trying Stages Indoor Cycling. My immediate thought was that I hated the idea of being in a room of very competitive people all trying to out-do each other. I could not have been more wrong. I clearly remember my first stages class which was with Leanne. She took the time to show me how to set the bike up, explained what the class would involve and said “just try and enjoy yourself and don’t fall off”. Leanne’s mantra of “don’t stop pedalling – if you were on a real bike and stopped you’d fall off” is one I still think of when the going gets tough on an outdoor ride.

I gradually increased the number of classes I did and started to attend Vince’s classes. Different instructors with different styles but the encouragement from both was (and still is) fantastic. In May 2022 I hurt my back again and went to Nancy for Physio which helped me to return to doing stages again. The continued encouragement and “fun” in Leanne and Vince’s stage’s sessions gave me the confidence to think about trying outdoor cycling. I needed a goal – something to aim for and so 4 months ago I decided to sign up for Ride London-Essex  a 60 mile outdoor bike ride. I chose a local charity as an added incentive and hope to raise money for them in the process. They are Home-Start Hertfordshire and if anyone wishes to support me on this ride donations can be made at:

I have also ventured to trying out Les Mills Pump and Combat classes. I have surprised myself from being someone who didn’t want/ was scared to join a group session to someone who looks forward to them every week. If you’re reading this and unsure if it’s something you’d like to try I’d definitely recommend it – it’s a great, fun way to get and stay fit as well as making new friends along the way”.